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Today, at work, I had a profound thought. Now, while profound thoughts usually go into my Livejournal (also because my LJ has been around for way longer), I decided to induct this wordpress into my harem of blogs. And now that I think about it, it’s not actually a very profound thought: Kids are the most hopeful, and the most eager persons to take on new challenges. Like, they’re so happy to try and fail, and to just run around and embrace their life and their (limited) abilities.

Okay, this just seems like a very general statement. But there was this adorable little boy today, who looked about 2 or 3, and was in a pram. Once his parents took him out, he started straight for the stairs, despite the fact that the the step was probably one-sixth of his height, and he could barely climb one step. After trying two steps, he ran back to his dad, and attempted to lift up the pram, so that it could go up the stairs as well. And he was just at the front of his pram, tugging away.

I just though it was very adorable how earnest he was.

The end.