(And that One Thing is pure awesomeness.)

Today, I went to USS with Shien. (It’s so weird to blog about this, but I really want to remember how much fun I had and I’m too lazy to write this down and I’m too exhibitonistic to not post it in a blog.) Before we went, we had lunch at Marutama at United Square, which served chicken-based ramen. It was a pretty refreshing change from the heavier sorts of ramen I’m used to, plus they had a jar of roasted garlic for chucking into your ramen so that’s five million plus points forever and ever. And it’s quite light so you don’t feel overly full after finishing the bowl (I finished mine faster than Shien! LEVEL UP TTM).

Anyway USS was pretty badass because we decided to be trolls and bum around. Okay I lie whatever. Shien was such a loser at Battle Star Galatica, but he managed to live through it, I suppose. It was less scary than I remembered; maybe because I expected a longer vertical drop. Of course, I was totally awesome and didn’t freak out at all… That much, I screamed a lot but that’s the point of taking a roller coaster anyway. Which brings me to my point: Why do people take roller coasters? (This was actually Shien’s question right before the Cylon side took off for BSG). I love roller coasters because of how thrilling they are, and even though I’m scared half to death after it, I’d still want to go on after it ends, like forever and ever. Hurz.

(And also, on a side note, we met Brabra at the Monster Rock show! Which was totally awesome \m/ — not the show, meeting Brabra. The show was very offensive and disturbing because they mixed Welcome to the Jungle with Nobody Nobody; isn’t there some cosmic law that exists somewhere which prevents these two songs from being played in the same venue? Their musical line-up was: Welcome to the Jungle, Nobody Nobody, Low, My Perogative, It’s My Life/You Give Love a Bad Name; which is just so disturbing. And also, for a rock show, they had very little rock songs. BUT ANYWAY, I DIGRESS!)

Because of sucky weather, BSG stopped operating for a while (RIGHT WHEN SHIEN AGREED TO GO ON CYLON AGAIN FUUUU!) and we went to Revenge of the Mummy. Like true idiots we decided to make stupid faces when they were taking a picture at one of the last drops in the ride. WHICH WORKED OUT BOOYAH, LEVEL UP FOREVER.

Apart from being idiots at Revenge of the Mummy, we also:
1. Decided that the dinosaur at Jurassic Park should be a Philosoraptor, and posed accordingly
2. Decided that we should take a lost picture in front of the Lost World sign
3. Wanted to buy a slab of meat (turkey leg), but abandoned this because of how expensive it was ($11.80 )))): and I was so looking forward to eating me some turkey meat like a carnivore)
4. Took stupid kid rides (like the lame ride in the Lost World that scared the shit out of me nonetheless because of how fast it was and how we were seated facing backwards)
5. Camwhored at New York, with Shien pretending to be a (very bad) Batman
6. Took terrified shots at/before each ride we took
7. Didn’t manage to get the yummy looking claypot rice at Malaysian Food Street because of the 45min wait time ):
8. Had super delicious gelato that melted very quickly
9. Watched the Crane Dance! (Okay this isn’t a source of excitement because I’ve watched it at least four times at work already, but it’s still really fun to watch)

I just had so much fun today doing random crap around USS and idk! I’m just going to end this post awkwardly because it has already fulfilled its purporse (to remind myself of what happened today) and so ending it properly is secondary and now this is the end.

The End. /awkward