(Watching Community at the same time! BEST SHOW EVER.)

Yesterday, Shien and I met Iz for lunch. While the meal was not very remarkable, what happened after it was particularly strange (I feel very cool for typing this sentence, I’m not sure why).  Hence this post, because Iz is probably too lazy to start up a new blog to record this incident for posterity’s sake and I am awesome and cool so I will blog about it.

After lunch, we sort of milled about Far East until we realized we were just sort of mooching about doing nothing, and that there wasn’t enough time to go shopping. So we went back to Ion, when Iz saw a bunch of people carrying around a bunch of blue balloons that have been apparently bugging her for the entire time she was working at Isetan. Such balloons are pictured above; admittedly, they are very pretty and the shade of blue is very pretty and the entire thing is very pretty in general. So being a wannabe little child, I went, “I WANT THE BALLOONS.”

Of course, I didn’t really mean it that seriously. I mean, it would be nice to stumble upon the group of people who were giving out balloons, but it wasn’t as if I was about to actively seek out the source of the balloons.

IZABEL CHENG ON THE OTHER HAND BECAME CRAZY. Like she just became insane and she sort of took on this crazy fervoured thing, when she was all like: NO I WILL FIND OUT WHERE TO GET THE BALLOONS, I REFUSE TO LEAVE THIS BUILDING UNTIL I FINALLY GET A BALLOON MYSELF. AND WHEN I FINALLY FIND THE SOURCE, I WILL GET MORE THAN ONE BALLOON. Which at first, I thought was her being overly dramatic, as usual; but apparently, she was very serious about this.

AND SO, because of her, we (Shien left early because he had to book in, lucky boy) tracked down the philosophy.com stand — which apparently is the brand that is giving out the balloons. But they weren’t giving out balloons there, and so I asked the lady where to get the balloons. And she was like: Oh yah, it’s outside. So we went out of Ion, and GUESS WHAT. WE SAW TWO PEOPLE CARRYING AN ENTIRE HORDE (okay not horde but what other word can describe the enormous amount of balloons they were carrying?) OF BALLOONS. But nooo, we couldn’t take any balloons from them, because they were “just delivering them”.

So we stalked them.

All the way down the road. Keeping a good distance of about 100m. We literally followed the cloud of balloons all the way down until they finally stopped outside Taka. And we stole a balloon each, because they weren’t allowed to give out more than one balloon to a person.

Relieved, we made our way back to the MRT, and started going home. I was very pleased with my balloon because I was quite excited by the idea of sucking helium and teaching tuition (okay, I wasn’t going to actually do this but it was a fun idea!). BUT NO. MY BALLOON DID NOT GET TO MAKE IT ALL THE WAY HOME. NOT BECAUSE IZABEL CHENG STOLE MY BALLOON (though she did take the same balloon as mine because mine had the coolest design and I am cool). BUT BECAUSE MY NEIGHBOUR’S KID TOOK IT.

This is what happened.

Just as I walked into the carpark, a bunch of kids literally rushed at me, and went, “BALLOOOOOOONS!” My neighbour’s kids were playing in the carpark, and they had this non-helium balloon so it was lame and it couldn’t fly. But there was three of them, so I think they were pretty thrilled to see an additional balloon enter the fray. BUT IT WAS MY BALLOON. So since their guardian was there, I couldn’t exactly just go, “Uh no, this is my balloon. You can’t take it.”

NO, I had to be like, “Hahayah! It’s a balloon. D’you want it?” Of course, before I could even ask if they wanted the balloon, the kid kinda just took it.

And since I was using foreshadowing, because I am awesome, I think you can guess how this balloon saga ended. The kid let the balloon go; she let the balloon go. And it just started floating away very slowly, and I made a very futile attempt to catch it, but I am a joke and I failed. As the balloon flew away, I thought the kids were about to cry, BUT NO, ONCE AGAIN I WAS WRONG. They all went, “YAAAAAAAAAAAAY! FLY AWAY ALREADY!!!!”

And I pretty much died.

Then went up home to prepare for tuition.

(Tuition started half an hour late.)