(AND I WANT YOU TO KNOW BABY, that Glee covered the –almost– best song alive.)

Today, I had two events of awesome.

1. Brunch with Izabel and Shien

I pretty much just ate a hell lot of sugar (okay, I had one sugar cube and a lot of maple syrup). AND IT WAS SO GOOD. Wild Honey has very nice food which made me very happy. I was also very excited by the fact that they had a cup of sugar cubes there because it was so tempting and reminded me of the times I had high tea with my mum when I was a kid and was very tempted by sugar cubes, and also of IBE rehearsals when Uday would just gulp down five million sugar cubes despite everyone’s stares.

It was a little pricey though (I had the Canadian breakfast for $21), but for a potentially once in a two months thing, it’s not that bad. Plus I had a lot of fun because GOOD FOOD AND GOOD COMPANY. AND SUGAR CUBES.

And also maple syrup, pancakes and bacon. BEST COMBINATION EVER.

2. Free Comic Book Day with Xin, Qing, Beni and Shien

INSANITY. Every time I think about what just happened, I feel this giant wave of regret and horror: OH LORD WHAT HAVE I DONE?

Because we were stupid, we first went to the one organized by GnB at The Cathay. And I assaulted a pair of dudes to find out where it was, because I was a fool. The cool thing about it was that the Wonder Woman lady was there, and there were a few other artists doing commissions; and the art was pretty cool! And it was quite interesting to watch them draw (for like five seconds lah since there was a crowd and we intended to hit three other stores). Also, there was this really weird Captain America that was just prancing around and doing very strange things like hiding behind his shield and bouncing around with his shield on his head. That was rather strange. Then again, Captain America is kinda lame so WHATEVS.

So GnB gave us two comics each. And I kind of spazzed out because one of the comics was THE NEW 52. Whatever that is. It had Wonder Woman, Superman and Batman on the cover (I think!), which sort of confused me because 52 was the year without the three of them. On another note, I have yet to actually finish 52 because I forgot to read the last volume and now when I want to finish it, I realize I have to re-read the first three volumes because I sort of forgot what happened and that just involves too much effort so meh meh.

Then we decided to head to Paradigm Infinitum at Midpoint Orchard first, before going to the ones at Ion/Orchard since it was on the way. AND THAT WAS WHEN THE PLAN FELL TO SHIT.

Because at PI (after passing by a shop called Xin Beauty), we were faced with a table laden with comics.

Xin: Uh, hi. Do we just take the comics here?

Lady at the Counter: Yeah! We were limiting everyone to 10 comics each at first. But then, you can just take as many as you want now.


And they weren’t kidding. The shop keepers kept making remarks about how “Whatever you don’t take, we’re going to burn tomorrow”, and when we accidentally knocked a stack (yes, a stack, a real stack by the way, with at least 50 issues of comics in it) onto the ground “Oh since you knocked it down, you’ll have to take it all home”. WITH SUCH REMARKS, HOW DO YOU EXPECT ME TO HAVE ANY OUNCE OF SELF CONTROL?

So I didn’t even try.

There was another group there; they were three guys who were hard core geeks. And it was pretty cool. All of us just surrounded the table and sorted through piles and piles of comics, and at first every ten minutes or so, the shop keepers would come over and empty another box of comics onto the table so we were literally playing (I quote) “Comic book jenga”. I don’t even, it was just madness. I was spazzing like an overly excited, caffeinated 5 year old for the first ten minutes (okay probably longer) because I was so excited by the fact that I was going to own Final Crisis and Booster Gold (despite the fact that I already had Booster Gold at home heh) and Batman and Robin. Basically, being a rather annoying person hurz.

And that is how I ended up with 126 comics from Free Comic Book Day (not counting repeats).






/The end