(This is really addictive and everyone is very pretty!)

Today, we went back to watch the Players’ College Play.

And it sort of just reminded me of how much I miss theatre, and how much I miss doing theatre with the Players, and how much I miss Players in general. Haha, I remember how crazy my post-Promos life was; it was literally production after production after production until Importance of Being Earnest ended that I realized I wouldn’t be acting in a Players production anymore, but school work started piling in and that just distracted me from the Woah, this is really over moment.

So here it is, one year later.

For some reason, yesterday, I  was just thinking of how IBE started for me.  I did really horrific for CT1 because of Dramafest, so I told my parents: YEAAAAA, I THINK I’LL START FOCUSING ON MY STUDIES NOW. And then I went to audition for IBE (heh). My dad didn’t really approve of it because he was all ready to give me the serious academics talk, but I suppose he knew that he probably wouldn’t be able to stop me anyway. I remember how Josie made me go down for the meeting with Booth the day they announced cast; it was quite awkward because apart for the Exco, I was the only J2 there, and I either was bitching about how quickly I had to eat/how I hadn’t eaten/how I just finished eating (LEE’S CHINESE COOKED FOOD!!! <333 GU LU YOK!) just to pretend as if I was all chill~ there despite feeling very awkward. Then Booth sort of said cast and I kind of died a bit because I was the only J2 in the main cast and how I was convinced I was going to fail As because of how little attention I was giving my academics at that point.

But I’m glad I did IBE; just because it let me get a lot closer with the J1s (or rather, J2s now). I still think it’s quite amazing how lucky I am to have met such awesomely awesome people in Players but SUCK IT!!! BEST. CCA. FOREVER. FOR. LYFEEEEEE.

And so watching the J2s on stage today, doing their Gold With Honours (YES HAVE TO STATE THIS BECAUSE <333!) SYF piece, I just felt so proud of them and so blown away by how amazing their play was. And seeing a few of them stumble out from back-stage, teary-eyed, made me kind of tear up a bit myself because of the sudden realization that this is over; that this is over for them too. Ever so often, I catch myself wishing that I could go back to that one period of my life when I was just doing Players nonsense one after the other, and seeing the J2s realize that that part of their JC lives are over is just so sort of emotional for me too because there’s still a part of me that wants to go back to do that, and that still misses it so very much.

What is awesome is that I still feel so comfortable with all these people that I don’t meet as often as I’d like (with the exception of Iz and Shien cuz we be the AWESOME TRIO~~~). Haha, I guess I’m just really nostalgic but I just miss spending time with everyone so much! I love how we were making so many Boom comparisons during the first play, and how blown away we were by the SYF piece, how we just were bumming about the PAC after the play ended, how we ended up in Prata House with reluctant-to-help staff, how the juniors attempted to squeeze themselves into Prata House despite their large number and had to settle for Udders instead, how despite the fact that everytime Iz and I went NO PRATA HOUSE we would still end up there, how I sort of just screamed myself hoarse after the J2s’ SYF piece.

Not to be mushy but I just love Players so very much, and when I’m with them, sometimes, I can’t help thinking: And I know, I’m home.