In a perfect world:

1. I would be able to play the guitar and would be master of all strumming patterns (instead of struggling to learn new ones and then dying when I attempt to sing while strum at the same time because I can only do that with one fixed strumming pattern). Also, I would not be tone-deaf and I would know the difference between ‘off tune’ and ‘off key’.

2. I would have a crap-load of random kitchen equipment in my kitchen and also expert culinary skills and an extremely high metabolic rate so I would be able to bake and cook as much nonsense as I want but not get incredibly fat from guzzling everything down. Everything would also be self-cleaning so I wouldn’t have to clean up after myself because I’m lazy like that (although cleaning up would help to get rid of some of the millions of calories I’d amass from binging so much).

3. I would still be writing; be it crappy poetry or sappy fanfiction. Incidentally, two little bubbles of ideas for fanfiction revolve around comic books, which I find very amusing because they’re inspired by Marvel comics and despite all the crap I say about being a DC girl, I think I’m actually a Marvel girl instead. This would explain why I keep passing over Batman in my library book shelf, and why most of the comics I’ve been borrowing lately are Marvel. BUT I AM VERY UNAMUSED BY THIS. Then again, Marvel has Spiderman, Young Avengers, Daredevil and Jeremy Renner .

4. I would be an archer. Or a Power Ranger. Preferably a Power Ranger with a bow. But then again, if I were a Ranger, I would rather have a staff/stick/whazzat as a weapon because it’s so much more badass to fight with that. But cross-bows come a close second, even though they do impede you in close combat fights.

Who am I kidding? I just want to be a Power Ranger.