(Because I killed you with food poisoning, heh.)

And also, because I am a bum, I’m just going to summarize what happened in the past few days so that I won’t have to write it down and so even though I couldn’t be bothered to write everything down, I’d still be able to remember what happened.

31 May (First day of Arts Rag camp!)

1. Awkwarded with myself for a while before realizing that most of the people there were kinda awkward as well so I awkwarded with some of them
2. Realized that my expertise of Digimon/(the first season of) Pokemon will actually be appreciated in the world
3. Sat on milk tea (rather triumphantly)
4. Had a barbecue on a roof top in the dark, listening to people’s First Impressions of me and umchioing at the number of times they mentioned the word “demure”, “乖”
5. Searched for wild Pokemon (and a bag of penknives and watermelons) around the NUS campus
6. Met awesome people at camp (including a girl who is equally excited about Pokemon and Digimon as me)

1 June (Second day of Arts Rag camp!)

1. Danced badly twice and died at the random exercises we had to do
2. Slept at 5am, and got very excited talking about school (this kept me up for at least an hour)
3. Failed at learning how to play Bridge in a broken-into class room
4. Learnt how to paper mache and use paints (and secretly excited about getting paint on crap again)
5. Drank three cups of Milo
6. Meowthed in a very bad Pokemon spoof with a combined Jessie/James who didn’t know what his/her Pokemon were
7. Utilized my Pokemon expertise in a Pokemon showdown (but when conferring said knowledge with Shien the next day, was proven wrong)
8. Appreciated all the times at the Windy Benches/with the Players shuffling randomly

2 June (Third day of Arts Rag camp + Arts Fest)

1. Danced badly again to weird music with exhausted muscles from two hours of sleep
2. Delighted by how there were seniors who watched Power Rangers and one who agreed that “Ninja Storm is the best season!”
3. Escorted back to Novena by Shien
4. Over-slept by at least an hour for my meeting with Shien (despite the fact that I wasn’t sleepy in the first place when I decided to take a “short twenty-minute nap”, and the next thing I know, I’m speaking groggily into a telephone receiver and promising to be up in half an hour, then blacking out for another forty-five minutes)
5. Had macaroons: Rose (didn’t really like this because it tasted too much like Bandung to me) and Oreo (IT’S JUST LIKE EATING OREO CRUSH IN SOLID FORM, which I realize is just Oreos but whatever, this was magical!)
6. Bitched about the number of people doing Umbrella for Two, then attempting to mime our own
7. Managed to get a spot to do Umbrella for Two and getting lost half-way (though there were two other couples who were lost at the exact same place as we were)
8. Watched two super cute performances at the Bridge Cafe Project (with us joining one circle of happy, and with one small kid enthusiastically jumping about as the staff members danced around him)
10. Watched 13 in search of 1 (so good!)

This leaves us with today. And a picture speaks a thousand words so:

I attempted to vlog this but I failed very badly and my video editor can’t read the format my videos were taken in (which is a blessing in disguise since I took horrible videos and it would have been a disaster so this gives me the opportunity and a reason to procrastinate). Nevertheless, the random bits of video I have will serve as a reminder of what we did today and how I should never attempt to vlog and proves that I will never be a Youtube star. LIFE AMBITION UN-UNLOCKED!

Surprisingly, this was actually edible. There was a part of the cooking process when we thought that everything would just fall to shit. And at this moment, my intuitive cooking skills kicked in and I turned the heat up so that the risotto-rice-mixture-gruel-water would start absorbing the water. What I learnt from this experience is that I really can’t cook and Shien can’t peel garlic but he can wash up very well. So it was a pretty good day I suppose!

Next up on the menu: Risotto round 2 or cakes that don’t require ovens