(Not only the Teen Titans!)

Today, I received the call from my OGL for Arts Camp. And so while I was very happy to finally hear from my OGL, I was also mortified and devastated to find out that my 11.11 wishes had failed and I was going to be in the R house; R for red that is (and also Rei-En but that’s another thing altogether).

The news of my being in red house for the first time in my life sort of brought on a mid-life/colour/identity crisis because I’ve never been associated with the colour red before, neither have I been pressed to wear the colour red for five straight days before. Adding onto that, since my USP house is going to be green and the colour of FASS is green, I sort of had a melt-down because of how the most logical way to connect these two colours would be Christmas.

Which I hate because I dislike Christmas carols and so by association, dislike Christmas. (Okay, I can be stoned to death now but please feel free to still buy me presents guys.)

So I spent most of the afternoon floating around in a state of shock and horror because I couldn’t wrap my mind around the idea of being in both green and red house at the same time. I mean if I was in blue and red, that wouldn’t be so bad because the first thing I’d think of would be Spiderman, who I adore. Or even, Captain America, who although I don’t really like, I respect. And when pressed, Wiccan would also be a Red/Blue colour association, and he’s my favourite Young Avenger. So Red and Blue wouldn’t have been that great a deal because of all these comic book characters that I’d be able to instantly relate to and hence convince myself that red isn’t that awful a colour (no matter how many arrogant Red Rangers there may have been).

I wouldn’t have minded as much as if I were to just be in red house. Okay I lie, I was first very devastated by the idea of red in my blue/green life; having been in green house in St Nicholas, which has a blue uniform, and blue house in RJ, which has a green uniform. Plus Green and Blue Rangers were always the cooler weirder ones. So I didn’t like having red thrown into my identity because it messed up the way I saw myself. (Incidentally, Cel, Qing and I were talking about Synesthesia just now and although this isn’t exactly it, I have quite strong ideas of how different colours should be — and even numbers to a certain extent. This is probably due to Power Rangers because of each Ranger’s personality tended to relate to their Ranger colour such that Blue Rangers were usually the smarter ones, Red the bossy confident ones, Green the weirder odder ones.)

So the colour red didn’t fit into the way I perceive myself to be. I think this shut my brain down for a while and I really couldn’t wrap my mind around the idea of being in a red house. This probably sounds very weird but I guess it’s because of years of watching Power Ranger cemented how each colour has its own meaning and personality to me. So to over-come this shock, I tried coming up with a list of things that I liked that were red when Qing and I were shopping in Cold Storage just now.

Excerpt of List:
1. Strawberries
2. Apples
3. Chilli Padi
4. Spiderman
5. Daredevil (I have a sudden new love for Matt Murdock because he’s such a badass and Marvel is slowly winning me over with the amount of Daredevil comics that I’ve been consuming.)

This sort of helped but it didn’t tackle the issue I had with the combination of Red/Green. After the initial shudder of Christmas, the next thing I thought of was Tommy Oliver, who was basically a multi-coloured Ranger because he was first Green, then White, then Red, then Black Ranger. But I didn’t quite like him when he was Red Ranger (though my mum loved him as Green Ranger since he was a badass and had this very creepy laugh and a cool dagger you could use as a instrument), I preferred him as Black Dino Ranger when he was more chill and generally much weirder.

Shien tried to help by listing characters that were Red/Green but he only came up with Rogue and Martian Manhunter; both of whom I don’t really like or care much about. I looked at different Ranger pairings (maybe Hunter/Cam in Ninja Storm although that’d be more Crimson/Green and I don’t really like that shipping anyway), and also at comics (Hulkling/Wiccan since Wiccan’s cape is red, though I’d see him more as a blue person; and maybe the cute bromance between Bruce Banner and Tony Stark). It was quite a lost cause because apart from Red Arrow from Young Justice and Iron Lad from Young Avengers, I couldn’t really think of any other characters that paired Red/Green very well. And though I respected these two characters as individuals and thought they had their moments of epic-ness, they weren’t really characters that I liked a lot.

But, when all hope was lost, salvation (YES SALVATION BECAUSE THIS IS A VERY SERIOUS MATTER) came from the most unexpected source.

My mum.

When I was bitching to her about not being able to come to terms with my new colours, and how I couldn’t think of anything good that was Red/Green, our conversation went something like this:

Me: It’s red and green. There’s nothing nice that goes together because it’s just a horrible colour combination. I can’t believe I have to live with this for the rest of my NUS life.
Mum: There’s a red and green person in Teen Titans, right?
Me: … (Please don’t be talking about Beast Boy.)
Mum: Yah! Have! I remember seeing red and green.
Me: …

SO YES. DICK GRAYSON (and my mum) YOU HAVE SAVED THE DAY. He may not be my favourite Robin (TIM DRAKE FOREVER!!!), but he was really badass and he was the first Robin I knew! Plus he became Nightwing and then Batman, so he’s pretty much the coolest side-kick turned hero ever! I am very pleased with this since for a long period in Secondary 4, he was one of my favourite comic characters (especially when he was doing his cute flirting thing with Barbara Gordon, who has red hair just saying). And hence, my crisis has been solved because now if I think of what houses I’m in and what colours I have, I’ll just think of ROBIN! And things will all be good.

See! Comic books do help the world.

PS: OH, I did mention that Red/Green was the worst colour combination and before my mum suggested Robin, this is why the other colours kick more ass.

Blue/Red: Spiderman, Wiccan, Captain America

Blue/Yellow: Booster Gold, Tori/Dustin

Blue/Green: No explanations needed, my two favourite colours! I wouldn’t be having a crisis if I got these two colours.

Red/Yellow: The Flash, Tony Stark (whom although I hate, I am starting to like more and more again upon reading more Marvel-verse)

Green/Yellow: Bridge/Z