(That is my secret.)


The past few days have been incredibly insane and because (like my previous post) I want to preserve these memories, I’m just going to make a lame, confusing list of what happened over the span of Arts Camp 2012: ARTPOCALYPSE.

Or maybe I won’t because thinking of how much we did makes me feel very tired and shagged.

In fact, I’m currently on Whatsapp with my OG (RHOR~~~! ) and I’ve literally been Whatsapping straight for 15 minutes without pause because the messages are just so continuous and never-ending it’s insane. I worry about how my phone is going to handle all this heavy work-load tomorrow when I’m in Bangkok without any 3G to tackle the constant stream of idle chatter.

Thus, here begins the very summarized version of what happened in Arts Camp– typing everything out with details will be too exhausting for my sleep-deprived brain to handle.

Day 1: Famine
1. Met an intimidating group of strangers
2. Played a bunch of station games (one of which ended up with my getting horribly, horribly drenched; and also met Intense Asian Man for the first time; ate Maggie Mee while being screamed at to JUST PUT YOUR ENTIRE FACE IN THE BOWL!!!)
3. Walked around with my hand tied to Nicholas’ and a balloon around my ankle, tasked to search around the school for hidden envelopes (decided to be chill instead and spent most of the time walking around and talking about nonsense; occasionally ran away from O’ Commers who threatened to burst my balloon while threatening to kick their heads instead; met a duo who were just chilling outside a random staff-room; climbed over a wall three storeys up because we were too lazy to go back down the stairs)
4. Learnt a lot of new cheers and umchioed at A’s overly sexual cheers
5. Stayed up to talk with a rag senior
6. Slept at 3.50 on a table and being very pleased for finally being able to sleep on a solid surface for the night (although my night’s sleep was just three hours; roomed with Qing, Gracia and Evange!)
7. Had SP for the first time (managed to survive the an hour long of conversation with awkward almost-fake laughter and with Galvin going ‘WTF’ beside me; listened in on Qing’s conversation beside me; died at the awkwardness of my partner; pretended to be Daredevil and tried to fine-tune my other senses before the game started; answered comic book trivia questions; was called Mila; failed at recognizing people’s voices)
8. Made friends with a bunch of very cool people!
9.  Turned into zombies hungry for POWER UPS POWER UPS
10. Had our first war game/mass game which involved hordes of crazy girls going after guys and attempting to tear off their limbs (so much violence, so much need to hold back and remember not to hurt anyone)
11. Hello Panda supper-ed with the girls because I was insanely hungry (this resulted in me being too full to sleep and thus having a random chat with senior as listed above)
12. Learnt a mass dance with Suren and got very excited because it was so much fun to do (sang BOOM SHAKALAKA so many times such that my throat started to die)

Day 2: Zombie
1. Woke up very groggily
2. Played more station games (one of which involved us taking a bite of a Fuji apple which resulted in everyone craving Fuji apples; pretended to be a ZOMBIE SLAYAAAH)
3. Learned how to TITANIC station ICs
4. Watched a part of The Ring and freaked out so bad even though nothing majorly scary happened yet (squirmed in seat while everyone else around me was like PLZ GURL NO KICK CAN THIS ICONIC SCENE MUST WATCH)
5. Went for Fright Night with Jorji who promised to be chill and a rock of steady calm to my hyperventilating, heart-racing self (HE FAILED and freaked out along with me; swore at the elevator; swore and kicked the air when the doors opened on the third floor; was chased down a corridor by a random person; jorji threw a slipper down the corridor to make sure no one would pop out of nowhere; teamed up with a pair because we were so slow the pair behind us caught up with us; went into a pitch-black room and searched for information with only a light-stick to guide us; decided to start singing at all the stations to combat my fear; freaked out and almost gave up half-way but went into the second station anyway; discarded an envelope because it felt like giam cai; sang in the bathroom after a dude told me SILENCE; conquered fright night; bo xia because I sang so much)
6. Played random games with my SP (died in a pile of awkward puddle again; freaked out at a certain station and had to be pulled aside like a fool; tried my best to make light conversation but failed miserably)
7. Suppered with the OG because the seniors were nice enough to buy us supper from this place that served the most heavenly butter chicken masala=curry-heaveninyourmouth (had a HTHT and talked about random things)
8. Had another dance session in which we learnt the dance that we already learnt during Rag camp (felt very cool for knowing most of the moves; was very disappointed that we didn’t get to BOOM SHAKALAKA again)

Day 3: Beach Day
1. Went to Sentosa and acted quite obnoxious with Qing while pretending to be RAs
2. Contacts died so I was out of commission for the first few games because I could hardly open my left eye (DARN YOU STUPID CONTACTS!)
3. Swallowed some sea-water while playing station games
4. Taught some of my OG the Bottle Game with Qing while waiting for lunch
5. Had dinner at Vivocity roof-top and burned my tongue on Chicken Macarroni while talking nonsense with random people from my OG
6. HTHTed with the OG in the middle of a random hall which had much better toliets than us and drank a bit (a plastic cup of Baileys and a little bit of some random alcohol which I’ve already forgotten; listened to stories and reveled in the calm and magic that the night brought)
7. Discovered bruises from playing the Name Game the previous day and gained more bruises because I got whacked so many times

Day 4: Fire
1. Played Pepsi Cola with balloons and ended up with three bruises from attempting to asshole other people by stepping on their balloons in odd ways (accidentally shot down a guy’s offer of a hand-shake and ran across the court to shake his hand and apologize after the game; won!)
2. Met our SP OG and died when Jorji pointed out who my SP is although I didn’t really remember his face very well
3. Avoided a lot of water-bombs and had one of the last few water bombs in the entire house along with Qing (relished in the power though ultimately self-destructing instead)
4. Sat in the OGL’s room with the girls feeling like we were about to be sold off/married off/prostituted because we were just about to meet our SPs (kept bugging our councillors with pitiful cries of “不要卖我们走!!”)
5. Umchioed at how many times my shoes were brought in by SPs to propose to other girls (it’s totally because my shoes were very cool k; along with my Ben 10 clutch)
6. Died an awkward death during dinner with my SP because left-right everyone was having a proper conversation and we were struggling to exchange words
7. Was very amused then very horrified at how drunk some of the guys in my OG got because we started drinking at The Deck before going to Zoul (drank a bit but didn’t really like it; me and alcohol just don’t go well together but I sort of get why people may think it tastes nice; dad’s right about it being an acquired taste)
8. Awkwarded at Zouk while watching others club (clubbing is like moshing without any band to mosh to; I think as a first-timer, I went clubbing with the wrong people — I should try with the Mugs as Bags and Beni were saying just now)
9. Attempted to look after the three roomies because they all crashed after social night (CK very kindly offered to help me because I was like OMG WILL THEY PUKE AND DIE IF I DONT’ KEEP WATCHING THEM OMG)
10. Had a supper of breakfast muffins while surrounded with the smell of MacDonalds and being very tempted but resisting (played First Impressions and slowly fell asleep while whining about the need to brush my teeth)

Day 5: The End
1. Wrote notes for the rest of the OG
3. Had a circle of hand-shakes from councilors and OGLs and realized that red house isn’t all that bad because red is a pretty cool colour to be in
4. Had dinner with the OG in a random chinese resturaunt with very nice Mongolian rice or something!

(OH AND GUYS, blue/red also works as a combination because The Flash became Blue Lantern for a bit in Blackest Night and it made my fangirl squee cuz blue was the colour of Hope heh.

But you know what? I totally don’t mind being in R house anymore because we are such a  chill house of love and happiness. SO YES I AM PROUD TO BE FROM R AND BY EXTENSION A RED HOUSE OMG GAIZ THIS IS A PSYCHOLOGICAL BREAK THROUGH FOR ME)

Sleep-Hour Count: 14 (for the five days of camp)
Sleep-Hour Count: 12 (the day I came back from camp)