Tomorrow, or rather today, I’m going to be watching The Dark Knight Rises with my Rhor, AND I’M NOT SURE HOW TO FEEL ABOUT THIS.

Warning: Very ridiculous post ahead

In Secondary 4, I used to be in love with Batman comics. Like they were the ultimate level of cool, and I remember having a crush on one of the Robins, probably Tim Drake as Robin and Dick Grayson as Nightwing, just because I thought they were so badass and Bruce Wayne was too much of  an emo dick-head for me to care much about him. So when I went to watch The Dark Knight, I was understandably excited out of my mind.

This is a extremely different from how I’m feeling today, which is to say: nothing.

And hence, I am forced to confront the fact that I seem to no longer be a DCgirl. I think Marvel has slowly managed to suck my soul and bring me over to their side with their shiny Avengers movie, and their Matt Murdock.

Okay, let me explain my love for Matt Murdock. I think I can summarize this in a very offensive and highly inaccurate sentence: He is essentially like Batman, except he is blind and not rich.

They’re basically from the same mold. Both their parents are dead, they have a lot of anger at the world, they don’t have super-powers, they are excellent martial artists; and they’re both ridiculously emo and brooding, except that Matt Murdock is now more attractive because of the Ultimate Daredevil arc that I’ve been devouring, which has Matt’s identity being exposed by the Kingpin, and how he deals with it. I guess I can sort of see why people say that Marvel focuses more on character development, and DC on plot, because I’ve never really followed a DC comic that closely before (then again, are there even DC comics that flow into one coherent storyline, like vol 1, 2, 3, 4?).

But I haven’t read much Daredevil apart from that, so I may be wrong in my love for him. I’ve borrowed what looks like old-school Daredevil, and it has Karen Page in it, so we’ll see how that goes.

I just feel strangely sad that Batman no longer holds much in my life. It’s like I’ve grown up or something, but not really because I’m still reading comics and I still want to be a super-hero. But I wish I actually finished Knightfall so I’d be prepared for the movie. And I also should have finished The Long Halloween, just because the art is gorgeous and the writers are awesome.

Maybe I’ll go to the library tomorrow to brush up on my Batman; hopefully, my torrents finish since I highly doubt the library would still have these comics, what with Batman coming out tomorrow and Bane playing a major role.

Nevertheless, I will still enjoy the movie tomorrow. Batman is one of the first comics I really got into after all!

(Okay I also need to rant. I get very annoyed when people ask me WHY WHY YOU DON’T LIKE BATMAN/BRUCE WAYNE??? and then I find out they don’t read the comics. I’m elitist whatever, but it’s like saying okay I can’t think of a good analogy right now. I feel like I’ve read enough comics to pass judgement on what a prick Bruce Wayne can be sometimes, so don’t judge me! /failcomicbookgeekelitism

Haha who am I kidding? I read a paltry amount of comics for someone who thinks of herself as a comic book geek.

Which actually is very odd, considering that I’ve been reading since Sec 4ish. But then again, I haven’t been reading in a while. Apart from my Daredevil, and occasional Civil War. Oh Lord, I’m really turning into a Marvel girl.)