Ordinarily I would be very embarrassed to admit that I listen to K-Pop, but BOOM SHAKALAKA is too addictive to hate on.)

I FEEL SO OLD!!!! I can’t believe that I’m 19, and that I’m almost done with my first day of university life. Right now, I’m sitting in the house lounge of my RC with a few of my OGmates; we’re all being rather anti-social and typing away on our lap-tops. It feels so weird to think that I’m finally a university student, I don’t even feel responsible enough to be this old. It’s my last year of being a teen zomg, MID LIFE CRISIS TTM! Hurz.

But the day has been going well so far: WCT: Issues in and around Justice in the morning, NM1101E Lecture right after that, and now I’m waiting for Psych 1101E to start. The awesome thing about the next two weeks is that I only have a two day work week because all my lectures happened to fall on the same day. So I’m probably going to rot in my room for the few days I’m free, or hopefully be crazymuggergirl93 and start on all my readings and start tearing through my notes. Knowing me, I’d end up nuaing around and not doing anything.

NO! I will be awesome for the next few years and be cool forever!

It’s just so strange that I’m finally in NUS. :-O

SO SCARYYYYY! /awkwardendbecauseineedtoleaveforlectureandbearesponsiblestudent