(I should be finishing my CNM assignment, but life is too hard.)

I can’t believe it’s been a month since university started. Everything is moving so quickly.

  • making sets of shuttle-corks and leaving them behind while scampering around the rest of the court to find enough to make a set of 10, and it looks like little pieces of poop that hamsters make while running about on the floor, or rather, that oxnard used to make when i let him loose in the living room
  • going up the stair-case in the town plaza auditorium and because of how it spirals in a very lazy sort of way, i feel like a snail slowly crawling into its shell, getting acquainted with my new home
  • spending every night late, pretending to study, while really just using such time as an excuse to unwind while essentially rushing through all the work that i need to do, finding a balance between working and playing (again)
  • waking up every morning and making the decision on how early to go down, solely based on whether there would be porridge for breakfast or not, and hoping the night before that it rains on porridge day so that it’d automatically become a magical porridge day
  • ignoring the growing stickier-by-the-day floor and reassuring myself that one day i will be proactive enough to actually mop the floor
  • feeling like i’m feeding the dust-bin whenever i throw any trash away into its huge gaping mouth, and feeling slightly disgusted by how much rubbish it has to consume
  • burrowing into my bed every night, and feeling a little bit like a woodland animal under the covers just because everything is so surprisingly comfortable
  • running along the streets at night, flying as if i can do anything, and if i run fast enough, i can run away from everything and anything that is and would and ever will trouble me