This past week has been a whirlwind of craziness, exhaustion and relief.

We accept the love we think we deserve. — Perks of Being a Wallflower

Off Centre ended its run today! It has been an extremely interesting experience working as Assistant Stage Manager on the production. And although I may have moaned and groaned about the process, I’m still quite glad that I did it. While it wasn’t exactly what I thought it would be like, it still gave me a chance to experience what doing Theatre would be like; and although I had to sit back-stage and watch the actors go in and out very enviously, it just motivates me to look for more opportunities to do Theatre again, because it made me realize how much I miss it, and how much I really need it in my life.

(I am also procrastinating. I should be doing my WCT essay right now, and the fact that I have one point is making me complacent because I know it’s not a very strong point. I’ll start after this post! I promise~, sort of heh.)

I literally wake up every morning feeling tired; that’s probably why I keep sleeping later and later — because I know no matter how much I sleep, I’ll wake up feeling the same way. Maybe it’s emotional exhaustion, or maybe it’s just because I haven’t been sleeping enough recently. There are too many things to think about! And while I feel like I may have figured out some stuff, I get whacked in the face by additional complications, and I’m just like OMG WHY CAN’T SOMEONE JUST PUNCH ME RIGHT NOW?

Not sure if it’s because Off Centre is so angsty towards the end, and I’ve been hearing their run numerous times for the past week, but I’ve been itching for a fight for the longest time. I want someone to yell at me so I can yell back; I want someone to just beat me up just so I can fight back. This is probably coming from the Rei-En who’s still desperately seeking an adrenaline hit of some sort. (SO IF ANYONE WANTS TO START A FIGHT, PLZ CONTACT ME THANKS.)

I’m just very glad that this week is over. Just need to tell myself that no matter what has happened over this week, everything’s going to be fine and everything will work out.

Walk slowly, and drink lots of water.