Things that I’ve been thinking about lately

1. It’s about a month till semester 1 ends, and I’m genuinely afraid of how fast time is passing. At the end of each week, I look back and try to figure out what I had done that week, and it’s getting quite strange how all these weeks are just blurring and bleeding into each other. The other day when Palenque went to watch Perks, I realized that it was only the week before that we went out to watch Looper, and it was quite freaky how that week just flew by without my realizing.

While I feel like I haven’t exactly been utilizing my time in the best way (I essentially just spend every night pretending to do work and attempting to get around starting on Paper 3), I wouldn’t give up all these silly stupid moments for anything else. Still slowly trying to get into the groove of university, and time is already running out so quickly!

2. What is love anyway? And why can’t we just live without it/why do we need it?

3. Very relieved that I haven’t been failing all my modules. Contrary to my prior expectations (okay don’t say this too soon, there’s still finals and I haven’t actually started studying proper — okay future Rei-En, please start studying like now, okay maybe tomorrow), I have been doing relatively well so far. Of course, it figures that the mod I hate most is the one that I’d be doing best at, but I think I’ll still end up taking NM again next sem — on the off chance that things look up, and I decide to major in NM instead of Psych.

Which brings me to my next perennial worry: What the heck am I going to major in? Currently leaning towards Psychology, but after crashing a Soci lecture, I feel like taking Soci next sem! But that would mean I’d have to over-load, which means more work — then again, I’m not exactly that busy right now. Well I am, I just refuse to acknowledge all the work that I have.

I need to find RJMugger!Rei-En again because I cannot be satisfied with just getting by and not failing everything!

4. I think I’m too easily influenced by the people around me; and although I’d like to think (okay maybe not like) of myself as someone being relatively good at manipulating situations, I think I’m usually the one who ends up changing. I should get a bit more of a back-bone! Or stick to the decisions I make and follow through properly and not get influenced by stupid people and their stupid actions.

(Someone who doesn’t think this way!)

5. Finally coming to terms with the fact that OMG I AM A UNIVERSITY STUDENT. A student in UNIVERSITY.

6. Very jealous of my grand-parents’ relationship — they are just too adorable together. And my grandfather is an extremely strange, strange man, and is very bitchy and hilarious when he makes his weird bitchy, sassy comments. When I watch their interactions, I get a little sad sometimes, because I want that comfortable conversation with someone.

7. We accept the love we think we deserve.