I’m about mid-way though finals: finally done with Psych FOREVER (for this semester), and I’ve NM tomorrow, and then JS on Saturday! It’s incredible how fast uni is passing by, but I’m looking forward to the holidays because there are so many new stupid things I want to do, and although I know I won’t do half of them, I’m still super duper psyched (see what I did there?)!

Amongst other things, this holiday I will: start writing properly again, learn one more full song on the guitar, pick up more ASL, fly to Bangkok with some of the Palenque hobos, eat lots of good yummy food, swim many many laps under the hot Sun, go to Phuket and chilling on the beach and walking along the streets with my mum, catching up on the piles of books that I keep intending to read but don’t have the time to, finally master how to draw a t-rex and a dragon

But before all of that, I still have two more finals to conquer!

So for now, here’s an adorable picture of me and my cousins: