If I could live in an infinite time-loop, I would choose the period between the end of promos in J1, just as Boom was starting, and the end of IBE in J2; that crazy point in time when I was literally in production after production, and doing nothing else besides staying late in school and chilling with Players.

That or the too short BKK holiday with Palenque.


Can’t believe how smoothly the BKK trip went! I feel so blessed to have met such awesome people in USP, and omgawd I haven’t had that much fun in a looooooooong while. From the almost nightly Saboteur games to roaming about Chatuchak to getting so frustrated playing Psychiatrist to eating at the most dubious restaurant ever to having the most attas buffet ever (Non-Judging Buffet Club!) to laughing too much at fail magic tricks to laughing too hard in general and to forcing the boys to take a million pictures.

Love them so much, and I really think I’m very lucky when it comes to meeting friends and finding families in school: Muggers, Players, and now Palenque. ❤


Very very very nervous about starting Sem 2 because I desperately want to do well but at the same time, the amount of work is very frightening scary, and I’m afraid that it’ll be too over-whelming. Just need to trust myself, and not get too distracted, and everything will work out fine!


2012 was a confusing year to say the least; there were too many changes, and too many things happening at once, and I could feel myself falling under for a while but everything’s over now and maybe I’m being optimistic, but I think all will work out eventually. I think I grew the most in 2012, be it intellectually or emotionally; I think I learnt more about myself, and more about my family and how things can happen, and the difference between good/nice, and I think I’m finally starting to understand more of what my dad says to me in his periods of seriousness.

And although I wish I could undo some parts of 2012, or at least play them out better, 2012 still ended pretty well.

I just don’t want to grow up! ):


Everything takes time.