Today, I realised why I get so annoyed at people sometimes. It’s because of the expectations I have of them.

For example, I get annoyed with teachers because I expect them to be more professional about lessons, and more responsible about the way that they conduct their lessons. I expect them to treat us like proper, thinking adults, instead of little pre-schoolers; I expect them to upload slides earlier than 20min before the lecture, because how else do they expect students to prepare for the lecture?

And it’s not very high expectations that I have of people — I just expect them to conduct themselves properly: to be responsible and accountable to the persons around them. Promises are promises; being a teacher means you still have to act in a certain responsible way (and not cancel class about five million times, despite declaring once in class that you’d never skip a class again).

Perhaps I’m too judgemental or uptight about nonsense like this.

Okay back to QR.