I’ve been looking at a lot of photography and food blogs lately, and I’ve been very inspired by them! There’s this sense of voyeurism looking at these blogs; as if peering into another life. And I’ve been quite inspired by them, so I’ve decided that I’ll attempt to do one photo post every week. I think this ties into how I want to do many many new things, and this semester seems like a good place to start.

We went for lunch at Holland V on Thursday: Hsiups, Loyee and I! 8 weeks into the semester and we’re finally doing a suite date. And Eden (aiyok aiyok) joined us half-way! We had pasta at Barossa, which was pretty good, and it was rather cheap too ($9 for my pasta~); and Hsiups conned Eden into treating us to The Daily Scoop. It was chill chill chill, just like how a break after mid-terms should be.

DSC06117-1 DSC06126-1 DSC06139-1DSC06135-1 hsiups DSC06143-1