living by the sea — waking up to the sound of endless waves crashing onto the sandy shore — feeling the wind pick up gently, carrying the smell of salt and sunshine through the windows and into my room. stepping out into the sunlit waters every day, and dabbling in diving, wind-surfing, jet-skiing and sailing; and pretending to be a mermaid, and lying down on the beach whenever i feel tired.

rehearsals and theatre every-day; the unbelievably freeing feeling of creating something, and bringing words to life. how does theatre make me feel so alive and free? stepping into another character’s skin and recognising the similarities between her and me, as if she’s an old friend i’ve always had but not really — that makes everything sound more natural than it is. that crazy rush when i’ve finally understood what she’s like. ¬†rehearsing rehearsing again and again.

(or just creating even, anything: poetry, prose, scripting.)

going to sleep to books and good conversation; friends and love; warm fuzzy feelings of belonging and connection, not just to the people around me but to the wonder and beauty that surrounds.

to always, always: live in love.