Sometimes I really wonder what makes us so different from animals; what gives us the basis to claim that we are superior beings to animal. We seem to be, after all, the only species that wages war on itself at any point in time. If we’re so intent on self-destruction, does that really make us superior to any other animal?

I literally woke up to news of the Boston bombings and I wasn’t sure what to feel. I don’t understand why these things keep happening, why anybody would be able to kill a stranger in cold blood. It always makes me feel very queasy thinking about the different types of people out there, and about the potential that people have to be inhumanely cruel. I know it’s bad but that’s why I don’t like reading up about things like that sometimes, because I know that I’ll just mull over it for days and feel endlessly upset about how ridiculous things are sometimes. And okay, that’s terrible and incredibly childish, but ignorance is bliss.

But what I’m so frustrated and confused and upset about is the fact that these bombings do happen ever so often in the Middle East, and such attacks go unreported. There is much less attention given bombings in the Middle East, to the many many civilians that are injured because of such attacks; attacks that may sometimes be caused by the US drones. And I acknowledge that I’m part of the ignorant masses, and the only reason why I started reading up on or even being aware of these attacks is because of the Boston bombing. Maybe this is just a superficial feeling of unfairness given how little I know about anything, but I just feel so _____ about the differences in media attention. I mean, I know why there’d be such a disparity, but. 

I don’t know, I’m just so frustrated and upset and exasperated of all this hatred that’s going on out there. And the more I read, the more I’m bewildered by the extent of cruelty that we are capable of, and it scares me. This isn’t exactly the same thing, but it’s like that time in PL1101E tutorial, and we were going through some topic from Cognitive Psychology I think, and the tutor started showing us clips from the Stanford Prison Experiment, and a report about Kitty Genovese’s murder, and I nearly started crying in class. Even now, I’m not sure why I’m so affected by these things — I think it’s probably because I’m so naiive about the world, and I’ve always believed in the goodness of others and such reports just shock me out of that stupid bubble that I live in. 

I wish I could do something about these things. I wish we could change it somehow; and we can, right? I mean, we’re the next generation; and every generation wields the power to change social structures and change history. 

I just don’t understand how much hatred you need to feel towards a certain cause for you to be able to destroy the lives of anyone who may be linked to it. And I may have conflated a million and one assumptions and thoughts in this post, but I just need to let all this frustration and sadness out somewhere, because I really don’t understand it, and I’m terrified.