Read this article on Rookie yesterday, and AMEN TO EVERYTHING THERE.

Don’t feel like you have to give that stuff up, hunker down, and get serious about your future. You’re not just doing something you love, but you’re learning how to give yourself permission to revel in life a little bit. If you make a habit of this, it can lead to your becoming the kind of person who knows what she wants, too, and who pursues it without apology or compromise—and there is truly no better kind of adult to be.

(Rookie Magazine)

If you’re too lazy to read it, it’s basically about the difference between being childlike and being childish; and how everyone always seems to conflate the two concepts, even though they’re entirely different things.

I admit that I’m probably the most annoying person alive; given how I’m prone to making weird noises, to spazzing out randomly and pulling strange expressions, and how I spend most of my time day-dreaming that I’m a Power Ranger/Digidestined/mermaid/etc etc. I jump around from place to place, and I laugh too loud, and often feel the need to pretend that I’m a ballerina and leap across the sky~ And maybe these things mark me out as childish and immature to other people — maybe because I have (at the last count) 10 toys in my room, or that I have Power Rangers bedsheets and a Spiderman comforter, or carry around a kid’s bag (because it is blue and it has an owl); maybe because I seem like I don’t think when I speak sometimes, or I’m idealistic and naiive. And because of all these performative actions, I don’t blame others for treating me like a small kid (because I do act like one); but I resent being called childish.

I’m not saying I’m not childish, because I know I am at times. But revelling in things that make you happy, being enthusiastic about stuff that you enjoy, isn’t exactly being immature. And I’m kind of frustrated with this because (it’s not that I feel misunderstood,) I’m so much more than just this little kid that half the world makes me out to be. I just feel that life’s too short to take yourself too seriously all the time. And just because I act goofy, doesn’t mean that that’s all there is to me. I feel so pigeonholed into this one-dimensional caricature sometimes. And while it used to bother me that people would underestimate my intelligence because of this (so so acute last semester!), I’m more bemused than anything now.

But there’s a huge difference between being childlike and being childish/immature though. And I don’t think everyone gets this distinction sometimes.