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It’s half-way through summer break and it’s full speed ahead for me. I’ve been deliberately trying to keep myself as busy as possible because I know any empty time I have would end up turning into self-indulgent trips to the past, and I want none of that. It’s starting to dawn on me that because of this crazy need to do something, the next break that I’ll have would be after finals the next semester. Maybe this is me just trying to be all: Carpe Diem!, and taking on anything that’s being thrown at me, but I suspect I may burn out after a while. C’mon, I couldn’t sleep last night because of the thought of OGLing for Arts O Week (I even had a nightmare about it).

What I’m trying to learn this summer, I think, is how to let go: let go of the past, let go of any of my anxieties, let go of any anger.

(And my to-do list for summer still remains untouched. It’s crazy how despite I’ve done about a gazillion things this summer, none of them are actually things that I told myself I should start on. #procrastinator)