School has been over for about two months already, so this reflection is incredibly late; but I feel like I need to get these words out. The first year of university has been extremely eventful to say the least. While it may not have been an entirely smooth ride, I can’t say I would have changed anything much because everything happens for a reason (there you go again!), and I’ve definitely grown as a person. And that’s what university is supposed to be about right? Learning and growing; slowly developing into the ideal Rei form I want to take… That sounds a bit like Pokemon. I look back at the extremely naiive, super enthusiastic, confused Rei-En from Year 1, and I feel a little like taking her aside to tell her to hold back a little, be a bit more careful. That sounds a little too cynical for my liking, and may not be entirely true.

Despite all that happened last year: I’m grateful for all the friends I’ve made, for the friend I’ve lost, for the crazy intense love I’ve gave (because it’s finally an affirmation that I have the capacity to do so) and have been given, for the insane mugging sessions for grades that matter too much and too little, for the heart-break I’ve inflicted and experienced, for the moments of desperate loneliness, for the many Skype sessions with my best friend, for the failed attempt at being musically inclined, for the late nights studying and having supper and watching movies (that have long since ended), for the everything that made my first year so wonderful and yet so terrible at the same time.

So I’m going into Year 2 with my eyes open this time. Still the same crazy-high, silly-happy, childish-childlike Rei that I will always forever be, but a little more aware this time. A little more conscious and cautious. But it’s okay, because “C’est la vie! Let her be a lesbian.”

Here’s to a good Year 2!