So I just came back from watching Pacific Rim with my parents, and I just have all these crazy feelings about it so I’m just going to blog about it. If you haven’t watched Pacific Rim yet, there are spoilers in this post! Although with a cliched plot, you can probably predict what’ll happen next in the movie.

To be honest, it didn’t exceed my expectations… actually, it barely met them. But despite this, my heart is still racing wildly from the movie; even though it’s been an hour since I got back from the movie theatre. This can probably be attributed more to my over-active imagination and my desperate desire to PILOT A JAEGER LIKE RIGHT NOW than to the movie being extremely well made. Because it was not.

The plot was subpar and full of cliches; the dialogue was terrible and cringe-worthy at times; there was barely any chemistry between Raleigh and Mako; the characters were under-developed. What annoyed me was how they just had to insert this possible romance element into the movie with Raleigh and Mako’s unexplainable, instant Drift connection — although it pleased me that there was no omg-we-saved-the-world-now-we-are-soul-mates-4evaaaa kiss at the end of the movie, because I would probably have hurled something at the screen if that happened. There was essentially little or no need for Mako, because the only role she had in the movie was to play the Emotionally Vulnerable but Good Fighter stereotype that grates on my nerves. The fact that the actress playing Mako was not exactly the best actress made her scenes even harder to watch.

What also bugged me was how although Pacific Rim seemed to be marketing a team of international fighters (at least it seemed so from their posters!), the movie revolved around the American and Australian team. I was super excited to see the Chinese team in action because they had three fighters, but they went down too too quickly. As did the other (Russian? I have no idea what their nationality is because they were given so little screen time!) team, which had this amazingly badass Jageger. So that was kind of lame because the movie could have done so much more with all these interesting characters that they introduced; but they just tossed them to one side to let the WHITE POWAAAAH dominate.

Gripes aside, the action scenes were SO SO GOOD…. when I could actually follow what was happening. There were some action scenes that were rather badly composed because of how shiny the Jaegers are, and how shiny the Kaijus are, and how shiny the backdrop is (Hong Kong’s night sky-line, complete with blazing neon signs); which made the fight scenes taking place in the city extremely hard to follow. My favourite action scenes were when there wasn’t any fancy camera work going on, and when the background was just some muted colour, so you could actually see the crazy fight choreography, because the Jaegers/Kaijus had some siiiiiick moves.

Although THERE WERE NOT ENOUGH ACTION SCENES. There was too much bad plot and bad dialogue in between action scenes, which made me feel very impatient. But when the action started, maaaaaaan. Adrenaline is still pumping high from watching the fights, and pretending that I was part of it too. I think my mum was judging me because I was punching and slicing imaginary Kaijus in my seat, when they appeared on the screen. Also, I think I would make an excellent pilot because I have way better common sense than half the people piloting the Jaegers. For some strange reason, they all think using cannons or missiles are the best way to trash them Kaijus, but dude…. Swords are the way to go — a fact that was proven twice in the movie (incidentally, two of my favourite moments in the movie).

I also geeked out a bit at how the Jaegers were piloted. When watching the trailers, I was wondering why they needed two people to pilot the Jaegers (besides the fact that it looks pretty cool to have two people synchronising their movements in a giant robot head). But I like the fake science of it; that they needed one person each to control each hemisphere of the brain. The flashes of science logic in the movie was quite satisfying, because you could see how they set up the Jaeger, and even the Drift link. Which is also quite a pity, because the universe that the movie created is so incredibly rich, but the movie didn’t manage to exploit it fully….! It almost makes me wish that there’d be a sequel to Pacific Rim because there’s so much more you can do with the world of the movie; but that would mean more Mako which is a situation I’d rather avoid.

But the CGI and the animation was AMAZING in the movie. And I really really love the design that went into the movie — from the Kaijus to the crazy underground black-market lair to the Jaegers and even to the workshops in the base. There’s so much detail to how things look, and it just makes everything look so sleek and polished. Although the Jaegers are just so clumsy in their movements sometimes, it makes me laugh. Not much you can do about that though, hugeass robots are always slow moving.

So, while Pacific Rim is definitely not the best movie (in fact, it’s not even that good a movie to be honest), it’s just so much fun to watch! I’m probably going to dream of battling monsters in giant robots tonight (and for the next few nights)! And it’s essentially (like my dad said), seeing my Power Ranger fantasy on the big screen since the premise is almost the same. Which is essentially the main reason why I wanted to watch Pacific Rim in the first place, so I was probably biased from the start.