The other day, a friend of mine was telling me about some problems that she had with her boyfriend that sprung up as a result of him entering university. We didn’t talk much about it after that rather brief conversation but I could tell that it was something that really bothered her. A week later, she mentioned that everything was now okay between the two of them; and most of the drama took place in her imagination and her boyfriend was quite clueless about the emotional roller-coaster she had gone through the week before.

And that sort of upset me. The flippancy in which she dismissed the worries that she had experienced the previous week and the ignorance of her boyfriend just didn’t sit well with me because honestly, no. To be fair, I don’t know the full story nor am I very interested in knowing because everything’s resolved now. I guess what bothered me about it was how it just reminded me of the ridiculous amount of drama I went through last semester.

I hate how you can just dismiss the crazy worries that’s rampaging around in a girl’s head because “it’s all in your head”, “You’re thinking too much, “stop over thinking everything” — just because it’s imaginary. There is a basis for such worries, there is a basis for such thoughts; and chalking all these fears to one’s silly imagination or penchant for over-thinking is simply refusing to accept that there may be a problem in the first place, a problem that is worth discussing and talking about. 

I’m probably over-reacting to what my friend said because honestly, this is something that’s between her and her boyfriend; but it just brought back some (bad) memories, which frankly, I’m still trying to get over. 

Then again, maybe this is my problem: once again, I am over-thinking everything.