Today, Couch went for a networking session organised by The Matchbox, which is a basically re-packaging/re-imagining of the Pocket Rocket fund we approached for help for during Melancholy Play.  It’s always fun to meet up with the Couch people, especially after the hectic days of being an over-worked NUS student. Although we’re one member short now, they’re still the most amazing family I’m proud to be a part of.

The session was really good though! It was way less awkward than the one we went for at Emily Hill. Not that the Emily Hill one was bad, because I really learnt a lot from the talks there (and also, it really renewed my passion for making theatre work), but the Matchbox one was just way more chill and relaxed. Also because everyone there was about our age as well, so the intimidation factor was pretty low. And there is nothing cooler than meeting people who want to meet you at a networking session, like people actually came up to us to initiate conversations, and I wasn’t the awkward self I usually am! And there was this most intriguing person there: a story-teller, she literally makes a living out of telling stories. She gets her folk-tales from mostly Asian tribes; communities with an oral culture of passing down stories.

What she said really struck a chord with me though: where is our identity? It’s something that has always bothered me, to be honest. There are many times I feel rootless; well, the typical caricature of a westernised Chinese I suppose. But at the same time, that is my identity (although that’s a post for another day). Her reason for telling stories was to ensure that these tales don’t die out, to remind others of their Asian roots. My mind is too incoherent to phrase this well enough, but I’m just very inspired by her. And if I could, I would really love to learn from her too. All these stories that are just trapped/residing within her; it’s amazing.

After the session, Couch chilled and talked about plans for the future.

I guess, the point of this very incoherent and incredibly stilted post is (as always) a reminder to keep on with this passion that I have. The energy and buzz at the Matchbox session was just invigorating, and wow; and like always, talking shop with Couch is always good.  With them, I’m always reminded of all these possibilities, the potential we have to do something wonderfully great. We just need to be brave enough, committed enough, hard-working enough to realise this brilliant vision of the future. Wow, what an incredibly cliche and over-the-top statement, but in my defense, I’m really sleepy — it’s just the buzz from being so close to doing what I love is just omg.

The future looks awesome (but the future freaks me out).