I need to realise that transience cannot be my all-encompassing reason for my lack of motivation in life. Everything ends, everything passes — yes yes, we’ve all heard of that before. Stop using that as a reason to constantly look to the endings. It will only expand the emptiness of everything. I mean , if we’re going on this track of reasoning, everything has no point since we’re all mortal after all. There’s no need to garner all these slew of As or awards or achievements or anything, or maintain these friendships and people, because at the end of ends, nothing carries over with us.

And of course, this thought scares me because I’ve always thought of myself as an extremely self-motivated person. But this creeping idea of fragile reality has pervaded my everything, and I’m starting to see no point in doing most things.

Well, I guess, to put a positive spin on things, it is a pretty nifty shield to carry around.