Caught Gruesome Playground Injuries today with Iz, Gabriel and Ziyad — Shien had pangseied us for a music festival he didn’t even go for in the end. It was a lovely two-actor play staged by Pandemonium; and while it started off a little slow, it was a really good show. I’m not going to write a review here (because honestly, going to try and write one for Cinnamon Roll if I have enough energy/motivation), but I just wanted to talk about what I felt on a more personal level, watching the show. Actually, I’m quite glad that I bought Pangdemonium season tickets. They’re fast becoming one of my favourite theatre companies to watch. Granted, Gruesome Playground Injuries was my least favourite play this season, it wasn’t bad per se — it was just not as good as Rabbit Hole and Next to Normal.

I’m very excited to see watch my next Pangdemonium production. Season tickets are a really good investment (fyi: $145 for three shows). The other day, I was trying to count the number of theatre productions I’ve been to this year, and I realise that I watched about 12 shows (!!). That’s a heck lot of money spent on watching such ephemeral forms of entertainment, but where else is that HPB scholarship money supposed to go, right?

Anyway, back to Gruesome Playground Injuries — the premise of the play is rather straight-forward: it traces the relationship between two close friends through 30 years, and basically the two of them are self-destructive in the craziest ways. One character literally cycles off a roof; and the other tries to cut her stomach out of her body — these aren’t actually depicted of course, but still. They’re a little extreme like that.

And I guess, what struck a chord in me is the truth in their relationship — or the truth that I want to believe in. The ability to heal another person just by being there, that we’re all damaged souls somewhat. I guess, it’s because I can see these elements playing out in my life right now. I love how every scene has, “Did it hurt?” somewhere embedded in the dialogue — that hurt is an inevitable part of human existence. But it’s the company that soothes these damaged parts of us, and there’s this almost masochistic sense of beauty in the destruction. I think I’m over-sentimentalising the play, but I really want to get my hands on the script!

Really glad I caught Gruesome Playground Injuries though! It’s definitely something that I needed to watch at this point in my life. And I love how beautiful the last scene was, “And the sky just started to turn blue” — holding the beginning of everything.