Call-backs for NUS Arts Fest were today, and they were weirdly fun. It’s quite funny that last year, I was the scared Year 1 intimidated by all the seniors, and freaked out by how they all already knew each other; but this year, I was sort of part of that group. Not sure how they went but they were surprisingly exhausting. A definite sign that I should definitely start exercising again, and that once-a-week (but more like twice-a-month) 5km run no longer holds.

Realised that I dedicated the whole of this holidays to USProductions, which is both good and bad. I know I need to focus and start taking this seriously (because that’s always a problem that I struggle with); but at the same time, it kinda sucks that I’m not travelling this holidays! I really wanted to go to Taiwan or Hong Kong; or visit my one-true-love, Phuket. At the same time, I probably need some time to just chill out and not do anything — and FOCUS ON GETTING MADELINE DOWN FOR PATCHWORK AND NOT HATE HER SO MUCH.