I’ve been feeling incredibly restless for the past week. It’s probably a lethal combination of examination nerves and complacency, because this semester has been pretty kind in terms of grades (apart from the terrible curse that is NM2103). Maybe it’s true that the more stressed you are, the more you’ll exercise since I’ve managed to sneak in a session every day for the last two weeks or so.

After a long struggle with apathetic and disinterested studying today, I decided to haul myself outside for a short run. On hindsight it may not have been the best idea given that I didn’t have dinner; but to be fair, I did have a massive amount of snacks in the afternoon, plus YOLO right (omfg no)? 

It’s very strange how my body seems to rebel against the idea of consistent training and conditioning. I remember how in JC, I could run infinitely faster than I could in Secondary School — despite the fact that I hardly did any form of physical activity in JC, while I was in Badminton in Secondary School, and went for Tae Kwon Do training as well. So it’s always very surprising (but fun) to run the 5km route around school under 30min (28min 58sec this time!) after I haven’t ran it (or ran in general) for a while.

Of course, it always leads me to procrastinating on my next 5km run because I don’t want to admit to myself that such speed is usually a fluke. But whatever, tonight’s run felt strangely easy, as if I was barely exerting myself. Not sure if that’s a sign of me getting stronger, or just an indicator of all the pent-up boredom and frustration from studying.

In any case, it’ll probably take me weeks before I can mentally psych myself up for another 5km run.