Over the past three weeks, I’ve been to New York three times — once for class; twice just because I can — and I’ve spent a ludicrous amount of money on shows.

1. The Cripple of Inishmaan
2. Punch Drunk: Sleep No More
3. Of Mice and Men
4. If/Then

So thankful that I’ve scholarship money to rely on to fund me, because there’s no way I would even consider watching so many shows if not for that. A spendthrift, I definitely am not!

Out of the four, I probably enjoyed If/Then the most, solely for the fact that Idina Menzel and Anthony Rapp were in it, and it half-fulfilled my dream of watching Rent one day! Although I’m such a fake Rent/Anthony Rapp fan given that I’ve only watched the Broadway DVD maybe twice or thrice, and I prefer the movie version (just because I watched it first). Nevertheless, it was a friggin’ emotional experience, and omfg I got a selfie with Anthony Rapp (!!!).

Going to New York alone was pretty fun, although absolutely harrowing in how I was literally running all over the place trying to get to the shows on time. It’s ironic that after blogging about Singaporean accents, I met a group of Singaporean students at Punch Drunk because I over-heard their conversation. Absolutely latched onto them after the performance because the walk to the subway was super ulu, and I was paranoid.

Yesterday, I also stalked down 30+ blocks, determined to make it to 1st street from 70th street. It may not have been the smartest choice! My feet are aching from the long trek; and thrifting in New York is no good given that their idea of ‘thrift’ is $20 (?!?!!) — that’s my upper range!

I thought I would love love love New York, but I’m rather ambivalent towards it honestly. It’s a wonderful, beautiful city — but there are just too darn many people rushing around, going places, never stopping. It’s like an steroid-pumped version of Singapore, just with better weather, more expensive food, wider side-walks (okay, and Broadway, and Central Park, and bla bla). But who knows! Maybe staying over a few nights in the city will change my mind.

In other news: I can’t believe it’s just two weeks till summer school ends.