Celebrated the 21st in a rather lackadaisical fashion: I met Xin for a ramen dinner the night before (in which I was close to 45 minutes late for, I’m sorry); got surprised by Couch at home (it would have been a complete surprise if not for Iz’s suspicious activity); attempted to be a responsible peer mentor to my USP freshies on the day itself, then went out for dinner with Ruizhi; and had a rather underwhelming dinner with my mum today (pizza is no longer the same after the godly pizza we had in New York).

And I think what was truly wonderful about this birthday, as compared to the others, is the sudden realisation of how blessed I’ve been to have met all these amazing people, and to have had their love and company all these years. That fuzzy feeling started when this angmoh lady turned to stare at Xin and I amusedly when we started singing Les Miserables on the bus to Somerset — and I was like hey there, we’ve been friends for so long it’s kind of crazy. And although I was rather antagonistic towards Couch for breaking my bedtime, I was crazygleeful when I saw them walk through the door singing happy birthday — despite how awkward it felt that they were there just for me. It was a nice feeling knowing how much we’ve grown together as friends and as a company; and yet, how we’re more than just Couch, we’re like family.

I think another happy thing about birthdays are the wishes that you get (even if they are one day late, ahem Bags ahem). On one hand it’s very ego-boosting, but on another hand, nah it ain’t.

And even though I was dreading going back to do peer mentoring, seeing Dawn and Yong Jian at USP really made the first part of the evening because it wasn’t until that moment that I realised how much I actually missed them. Of course, the second part of the evening was wonderful because Ruizhi and I finally got to have dinner together for the first time in what seems like a billion years, plus I satisfied my nachos craving!

Today was spent Whatsapping Dawn and Val for a good part of the afternoon (while the morning was spent talking to random Secondary school kids). Then I got to dinner with my mum today at a not-as-good-as-I-remembered-it restaurant, and had a one-person dance party to the soundtrack of Matilda and Book of Mormon at home.

Getting a little carried away and pedantic with reminiscing, but I want to remember every single thing that happened over the past three days. I mope and groan a lot about life all the time; I spend a lot of time wallowing in regret and nostalgia for memories that I never had. These three days have showed me that despite all these many things that I may wish that I’d done differently, I’m still in a really good place right now. I’ve all these people in my life, who continually inspire me to do better and to be a better person. And for that, I am — and will always be — grateful.