I have this bad habit of being obsessed with an album, or a single track, and listening to it on loop for an indefinite time period. In Secondary school, it was a play-list of Thousand Foot Krutch, Sum 41, and Three Days Grace; in J1, it was just ‘Dive to the World’ (courtesy of my simultaneous obsession with Katekyo Hitman Reborn) during Dramafest 2010; two semesters ago, I had Next to Normal playing all the time.

This would be perfectly fine, if not for the fact that for some reason, my bullshit brain enjoys attaching only the bad memories from that period to these tracks, which essentially ruins the music for any future listening. Playing ‘Dive to the World’ now just sends waves of nauseous nerves through me, because of how tense I was during DF. Next to Normal reminds of me how terrible arguments were during the semester; and no matter how much I love Aaron Tveit’s voice, there is only so much NtN I can listen to before giving up.

In light of this, I have placed a quota on the number of times I can listen to my favourite music during times of great distress (aka: am not allowed to play it at all). Because an embargo is totally the way to go to rewire musical associations.

In other news, Rent remains as clean as ever.