For one of the classes I took over summer, I had to write a music review (which was sheer terror for a musically illiterate person like me). I decided to do mine on Explosions in the Sky; although one of the earlier albums that I hadn’t listened to that many times. It wasn’t their best album, but I still really enjoyed it.

For the last session of summer, we had to share a piece of art that we really enjoyed. Because everyone chose such high brow-ish pieces, I panicked a bit in class and decided against my paltry selection of Pangdemonium trailers and Starkid musicals. So I decided on a live performance of Radio Protector by 65daysofstatic.

I don’t know many post-rock bands (and I’m lazy to find more because I’m wary of trying new music, although I definitely should), but there’s always something about EITS and 65daysofstatic that calms me down, no matter what mood I’m in — or at least, manages to put me in a more zen-like state.

Always grateful for music like that: that’s visceral enough to remind me of why we’re still alive.