So I’m currently taking Theatre and the World this semester as an Arts Inquiry. Despite the rather boring tutorial sessions (no one seems to want to speak up, which is pretty lame given that most of the answers are in the readings), it has been pretty… interesting so far. Practical sessions are rather fun; although that’s probably because I persist in being as troll as possible, but that you can do such nonsense in a USP class is good enough for me.

The other day, we had to do scene-work for the script assigned to the class — which I thought would essentially be the easiest part of the module, since practically everyone there had zero theatre experience so it was mostly just a funfun-rahrah thing. But as we went through it, I just felt more and more distant and uncomfortable; I don’t know, maybe it’s been a while since I did anything theatre-related, or maybe it’s because once again, I hate the character I’ve been assigned to.

It was a rather frightening, disorienting feeling.