It’s four weeks into the semester and everything that can go wrong, already has. 

Self-indulgent exaggeration aside, this semester is proving to be an extremely difficult one indeed. From shitty, inconsequential problems like the persistent chest-pains that have been going on for about a month or so (honestly, more annoying than anything else) to being shifted to the other side of the RC, so my room doesn’t catch the light any more to thinking I lost my iPod to really losing my passport, I can safely say that this semester is shaping up to be a true #SEMOFHELL.

Nothing, however, is worse than the sinking feeling that I’m most probably going to flunk this semester. For all the seemingly noble declarations of knowledge/interest > CAP, I’m already questioning my decision to continue on with Philosophy of New Media, given my instinctive allergic reaction to overly-word texts. That I can barely get past one paragraph without wanting to tear up my readings is not a very optimistic sign indeed. Unfortunately, pride got in the way, and I absolutely refuse to admit that I can be bested by an NM mod (NM SERIOUSLY??); and hence, this marks the start of my downward spiral into academic failure.