Today marks the end of IFG 2014 for me! The badminton matches today were like a whirlwind — easily, the best I’ve ever played during IFG (or in my entire life) ever. In the end, we still lost over-all; but if there’s one thing I learnt from IFG, it’s that we’re all in it for the love of the sport and no one expects to win anyway!

In Primary & Secondary school, I remember asking my team-mates what they would be thinking of while they were playing a match. They always told me they were concentrating on the game, and were confused by how I would tell them I’d be thinking of random snippets of shows I had just watched, or what food I should get for dinner, or about the gazillion things that I should be doing after training — never entirely focused on the game. At that time, I never quite understood how they could just concentrate on the match itself, without having their minds drift off.

I finally properly registered what it means to be in the zone today. Honestly, the two matches against Engine and Biz were the most amazing games ever, and it’s a bit of a revelation: so this is what it really feels like to be playing women’s doubles. 

I’m really proud of the team for giving our all against every faculty, even when we had a 0% chance of winning. I’m so grateful and glad to have joined them in Year 1, because they’ve renewed my love and passion for this sport; and I’m so inspired and motivated to continue training.