Days have been feeling less and less substantial. The mornings are the worst. I wake up from dreams, wondering if I’m still stuck on the other side of consciousness. Reality has taken on a rather strange form. The 8am sun isn’t as bright as it used to be; the air is colder, harsher than it once was; physical sensations are muted; it is hard to breathe at times; my heart races wildly.

Everything seems haphazardly thrown together. I’ve been having strange thoughts lately. They swirl around in my head like wet, dark eels.

Maybe this has just been an incredibly long lucid dream, and I’m still trying to wake up.

Sometimes it seems as if (my admiration for speedsters aside) I really do have super-speed. There are moments in which I feel as if I could almost vibrate out of this physical plane in a blitz of molecules and
atoms – I am on the verge of willing myself into lightning.

That would be spectacular.