This semester has partially helped to abate my identity crisis (ie: the perennial struggle of –  omg which major should I be in??). Increasingly relieved that I decided to switch out of Psychology for the sole reason of avoiding statistics — a rather silly reason, I know!

Doing NM4102 has made me realise that I’ve grown to detest statistics and quantitative research with a passion. It’s terrible but I may have became more allergic to numbers since entering university. But then again, I hated the statistics part of H2 Math in JC; its attempt to describe the world in numbers (as if that’s totally an ‘objective’ way of capturing reality!) and the way calculations just HAD to be done in a certain way (or was it because the explanations were so banal and boring that I just couldn’t bring myself to pay attention) was just so off-putting. I loved the mystery in the pure mathematics section: how there were laws and rules, yes, but you had to puzzle out how they fit together, how it worked.

In other news, I’ve finally managed to carve out a happy place to live in, in NM — some mish-mash of a faux-humanities take on media/sociology/cultural studies (if that even makes sense!). Unfortunately, the NM department seems intent on eradicating it from the syllabus.