Can’t stop jittering because of a caffeine and sugar-overdose today. Nott heb est cobmiatniong. Oh god, Ican barely type strih.t I probably should edit it but it’s too amusing to read this and look bak cnad laugh at myself haha.

had green tea the whol deday (although to be fair, I have been drinking green tea every ady this recess week, more for the taste than for the cafeeine but who knew green tea was so potent in combaiton with the other crap i had?) + coffee and ice-cream (courtesy of the best team captain ever) + candy floss (omg so good) — and now i’m suffering the consqeunces of ingeting so much suar and caffeine on a mostly empty stomach — does cafeeins/fuar rush work the same way alcohol makes you durnk like if you have les sfood then you get more high or jierryy or somethig

omg thsi is barely iltellgible. but that is rather amusing

i think palying captains ball would pobalby be a good idea just to get ride of all this rfranticness.

that’s the word! i feel so frantic, like in my ind — but nt frantic abou tanything. just that there is much to do or a lot of anxious energy to do something!!

just re-reat this, i’m very very amused i think i’ll just post it up becasue i’m narcssistic that way

oh god the numer of speeling mistakes is crazy and the grammer and the oh wait grammar is spelt ith a a. aaaaah hahaha.