Back to gushing about RPM: one thing I didn’t quite enjoy about the season was the final episode. During fight scenes and desperate life-or-death struggles with villains, there is perhaps nothing I enjoy more than watching Rangers get knocked out of their morphs (which is terribly masochistic, I know). That possibly explains why last episodes are always insanely fun for me because there’s such a hopeless, desperate thirst for victory on both sides, which (in that moment) makes the show seem less like a children’s show.

RPM lacked all that angsty energy that’s associated with last episodes. It felt like the season just came to an abrupt stop; all of a sudden, the writers find themselves at the last episode, and having to rush through all the different plot-points to tie things up. Honestly, I was so disappointed with the final battle – oh wait, there was no final battle. Despite being able to take on every single Ranger in battle (and easily defeat them), the main baddie’s defeated by building that manages to coincidentally fall in the same place he’s standing in. Hmm…. No.

It’s these moments that makes me wish Saban never relinquished the franchise to Disney; or rather, makes me wish that Disney seasons were their original 40-50 episodes length. Of all Disney seasons, RPM could have used those extra episodes because they had that something special going on.