It’s been about three weeks since The Exchange Adventure’s begun, and I have only one word to summarize the entire experience so far: S H A M B L E S — which okay, is a running joke with the Guailan Queens, but is proving itself to be extraordinarily, unfortunately true. AUC’s been a huge-mess up so far: what with a possibly barren room (which I have yet to move into, despite school starting tomorrow) and a curve-ball in time-tableing (doing away with my two day work week!!). Luckily, the weather seems to be getting better, at least for this weekend, it was sunshine for most part of the past two days. I’d never realised how much I actually needed the Sun until coming to Europe, where the Sun is a rare, rare creature indeed. This is probably why Seasonal Affective Disorder occurs, because until this weekend, I was so completely bummed out, and a large part of that was probably due to the weather.

Unsurprisingly, given my last post, I’m terribly homesick at times. I never thought I’d cave so fast, since Yale summer school was an absolute breeze for me. I’m homesick for going back to Namly; for disturbing 公公 with 弟; for hanging about the dining table with the rest of the adults; for bitching about NUS with Minn and laughing together at Zachary; attempting to make conversation with Ele. It doesn’t help that the Extended Wong Family chat is always buzzing with pictures and messages about the family or about 婆婆. I do miss her a lot, and looking at old pictures reminds me of how much I took her presence for granted. She still seems to be looking out for me though! The weather’s gotten a lot better here ever since the mum asked her to do something about the cold during one of the Friday prayers. So 谢谢婆婆!

That being said, tomorrow is the first day of school — excited and nervous! Tomorrow is also the first time I’ll be seeing my room (after making an arduous track to the office to collect my keys, a journey which hopefully will not involve getting lost, because this seems to be a recurring theme in all my travels around the land of Amsterdam so far). Fingers crossed for a room with at least a fridge and a stove, although hopes are definitely not high. Gotta look on the bright side of things: at least I have a bed and a room to call my own (finally after all this time of hobo-ing around!); at least I can finally unpack and get more organised; at least I have a bicycle so I can get to anywhere if I need to (probably to Val’s to camp for food if I have no kitchen appliances whatsoever).

On the subject of bicycles, I’m so glad that Jaq sold me (or gave me, rather) her bicycle, because it is the tiniest, most beat-up thing ever, and so, is probably a bicycle that no one in their right mind would EVER want to steal. It has duct-tape all over it, and is kid-sized — not even kidding, I’ve seen kids ride by with bigger bikes than mine. But I love it all the same. In true Power Rangers Geek fashion, though, I’ve named it ‘Tsunami Cycle’ because Ninja Storm is the best #nolie #alsobecauseiwanttobeaninja #likeathunderninja #butthunderrangersdidnthavetsunamicycles.

Probably should get started on my readings anyway! Opened them up an hour or so ago, but I’ve still yet to touch them. Time to start work!