In true #loseRei fashion, I’ve been spending most nights curled around my laptop watching Power Rangers Ninja Storm. I’ve managed to finish almost half the season in two days, if anyone is wondering (truly horrific, I know). To be fair, it’s not like I’m being a social hermit, there’s just nothing to do past 11pm here that doesn’t involve being drunk or high – tho admittedly, I’ve never been jio-ed to any of the two activities before by the other exchange kids so maybe I am being a social hermit!

That said, re-watching this season has made me realise how friggin’ old I am, and how long it’s been since I’ve been sucked into the fandom. For some context, the first time I watched PRNS was in Primary 5 or 6, which makes it a bazillion years ago. Also very appalled to realise that I can still remember many lines from episodes, begging the question: how many times have I watched this series??

Not sure why PRNS got so much flak (apparently!), because it’s so fun in it’s campy-ness and self-paraodying-ness. Although maybe that’s why people hated on it at the start. Well, whatever, the team remains one of my favourite teams just because of the dynamics between the trio and Cam. The Thunders, while very cool in all their initial badassery (and if I were ever a Ranger, I’d want to be a Navy Thunder), are idiots tho – the writers really went full stupid while writing the pair because the number of times they’ve gotten a) captured, b) brainwashed, c) fooled is just way, way too high for people with functioning logic. Also: Dustin is still as adorable in his goofiness as ever, and my Tori/Dustin fangirling remains sky-high as each episode goes by – screw canon shipping!