Managed to watch Power/Rangers yesterday before it was taken down by the bitchy waves of anger by Saban. While I don’t get why Saban feels so threatened by a fan-film/bootleg so much so that they reacted to that extent, I can’t say that I really liked the film. Sure it was cool, and it was incredibly well-made, but it was not Power Rangers. It may have appropriated characters from Mighty Morphin’, but to be honest, apart from the names and costumes, that’s where the resemblance to Power Rangers ends.

So as a fan, I wouldn’t go so far as to call it a fan-film – since, as many, many people have said online, it doesn’t capture the essence of the series, and not only because it’s ‘dark and gritty’ and crazy as hell. It could have easily been a film for any other action series, like GI Joes or whatever, and it wouldn’t have changed much of film.

Also, the fight scenes were terribad in it. No offense, but I’d take a Power Rangers (even Disney era!) fight scene over the ones in Power/Rangers any day. Apart from the blood, it wasn’t very impressive.

Bu even so!, I hope it goes back up online. It was a nice break from (I want to say: ‘work’, but nope) watching Power Rangers. That being said, just started on Ressha Sentai ToQger and omfg it is the most amazingly strange series I’ve ever watched, although to be fair, I’ve only watched about five Sentai series.