Watching old videos (instead of researching for HT – in my defense, I woke up at 6am today) and came across this.

  1. Cannot wait for the 10 year later Dekaranger movie because it will give me so much life. Hopefully subs come out for it really quickly, although I am entirely willing to just watch it raw because Deka is amazing and is perfection.
  2. Sen/Umeko are the epitome of OTP. Also realised that most of my ships are very fluffy and non-angsty (just as life should be!!). Although that’s rather ironic since Episode 46 is full of angst and amazingly heart-wrenching scenes. But srsly, if they aren’t still together in the upcoming movie, I may very well just break something, and I don’t mean my heart. Which will also break. My heart, I mean.
  3. Episode 46 was excellent, because of a) Sen-centered episode; b) ultimate OTP; c) v v v v v cute. And if it weren’t for the fact that I should be starting on readings, I’d watch it again – jk, will prolly end up watching it after finishing this post because #NoSelfControl.
  4. Unfortunately have lost all my mad vidding skills (if I had any at all to begin with).

Also: omg some of my old stuff has got over 10, 000 views (??) – which is insane since some of them were really shit. And has it really been 6 years since I vidded, ugh that’s terrible. Time to get back into the game! Secondary School Rei really did have tunnel-vision sort of focus and dedication, which present day Rei sorely lacks.