Caught Inside Out today! – was biased against it from the very start, which explains why I didn’t enjoy it, as much as I thought I would have (since all Pixar films are usually sure wins).

WARNING: Potential spoilers ahead?

To be fair, I didn’t quite like Joy’s and Sadness’ character designs – and that possibly affected my first impression of the movie. The trailer didn’t do much for me, either. I mean, it was pretty cool, but it didn’t get me super amped up (unlike Big Hero 6’s trailer, which made me feel ALL the feelings).

But the two main problems I had with the movie was:

Firstly: very uncomfortable with how Riley had so little agency over her own emotions and actions. I know the different Emotions in her head were off-shoots of her, so in a way, she was controlling whatever she was feeling; and the visual image of different Emotions affecting anyone’s mood gels with the sense of I don’t know why I’m feeling this way or behaving like this , which admittedly I often feel. B u t, there’s just something that doesn’t sit right with me, in the way that the Emotions can just determine how Riley (and well, I guess anyone) feels/behaves just by pressing a button. Sure, there are the Personality Islands, but as evidenced by how Joy was essentially dictating everything, it didn’t seem so much as Riley’s personality affecting how she wanted to behave, so much as Joy deciding how Riley’s personality should be – all the time.

It’s nice to think that I can outsource all my (bad) decisions to crazy Emotions in my head though. At least then I’ve someone to blame for all the shit things that I’m feeling and doing (hurhur).

Secondly: perhaps, it’s because I’m been in a rather gloomy mood for the past few weeks, and was hoping for some form of catharsis while watching the movie – but I really didn’t like how Sadness was portrayed. I’ve read that many, many reviewers have said that Inside Out portrays the idea of depression rather well (and maybe it does!); but I didn’t like how Sadness felt like the butt of many, many jokes before she’s finally accepted as an important Emotion.

Maybe it’s because I thought I’d really, really like Sadness (having not seen too much of what she’d be like in the trailer), but the movie set her up to be such a frustratingly annoying character at the start, that it was hard to feel too sympathetic towards her. I know it’s probably more of a movie point to show how different Joy and Sadness were at the start, but it still irked me.

Also, wasn’t very comfortable with how this acceptance was extended by Joy either. To be fair, as evidenced by the Emotions in the Mum’s and Dad’s head, there are probably different dominant Emotions in different person’s head, and so that dominant Emotion probably was the one to ‘approve’ of everyone. But s t i l l.

That’s not to say that I hated the movie, it was still a pretty fun thing to watch (especially while sitting next to Dory). Disgust speaks to me a little too~ much, and Anger is adorable in his hard-headed fiery-ness. There were moments that really struck a chord in me (particularly, a scene early on in the movie when Riley’s parents are squabbling and she intervenes with a pretend hockey-match), though I didn’t flood the movie theatre like I did when I watched Big Hero 6.

Wouldn’t necessarily watch Inside Out again, but I don’t regret watching it later! Maybe I’ll go read some articles about it, perhaps they’ll change my mind about the movie.