For today’s programming we have:

1. Ressha Sentai ToQger Returns: Super ToQ 7gou of Dreams

Accidentally started watching the movie while looking for something short as a break after class. Apparently, a 20 minute episode of Go-Busters is too long, but an hour-long movie is just nice (no). Didn’t really enjoy this tbh, probably because the series set the bar so high, and has such a distinct style – that the movie didn’t quite manage to encapsulate.

Nevertheless, always enjoy any new Toqger footage I can get my hands on (because imagination!!!), and shirtless Akira is also strange fan-service. It is also quite disturbing to have learnt that Akira’s tank-top was a shadow all along; since that’d mean that for the whole series, he was literally just clinging onto Akira’s torso (talk about bromance?). I’m sure there’s fan-art somewhere of that, but I rather save my sanity and not dig around for it.

2. Power Rangers Dino Charge: When Logic Fails

Already watched most of the episode through little clips online – and while the whole over-arching plot of the Pterazord and all that nonsense was the main point of this episode, the most important thing to take away is: Riley/Chase is real.

3. Power Rangers Super Mega Force: The Grass is Always Greener… or Bluer

Been watching quite a few interviews with the SMF cast and they’ve been changing my mind about (the shittiness of) SMF, so decided to give it a chance.

Also, it’d be interesting to see how Gokaiger footage matches up with SMF. For one, cannot imagine how the writers modified Jake’s character to match 博士’s personality/fighting style, since the two are so different. But then again, SMF’s got lazy writing (apparently – since I haven’t watched much yet) so maybe they just didn’t give an eff. Which sucks because what I’ve been enjoying a lot about Sentai is how morphed footage matches the character so well, and I know that’s harder to do for Power Rangers, but it’s so worth it when it pays off (ie. Ziggy).

Plus, the most exciting thing about Gokaiger is the way that the pirates unlock new powers, especially since that means meeting members of past teams (refer to previous fan-squeal about the Deka-themed episode). If this episode is anything to go by, SMF ball-drops in the most amazing way in this aspect since all it requires for them to gain new zord configurations is for Gosei to go: ‘Congrats guys, y’all just gained Ninja Storm yo.’ The worst thing is that they can’t even play the theme song of previous Disney seasons since Disney owns the rights to those songs (noooooo).

I is disappointz but will continue watching (because what is work?).