Unfortunately, it appears that this space has turned into a Super Sentai/Power Rangers review blog.


Just finished Power Rangers Super Megaforce: Emperor Mavro (Episode 18). I should probably watch MF/SMF in the right order instead of jumping around the episodes, but it’s too much effort to find the episodes in the right order. Can’t say that MF/SMF is my most hated season anymore since I’ve lasted through more episodes of MF/SMF than I have for Samurai – it certainly is a lot less bland than the few episodes of Samurai I caught. (Plus, why watch Samurai when Shinkenger is so amazing? Although, the same can be said for Gokaiger and SMF.)

MF/SMF is certainly growing on me though. For a Power Rangers season, I would say it’s just slightly under average (writing + acting wise – but that may also be because of the directing). It’s just that for a The Anniversary season, it’s pretty shit. But apart from that, MF/SMF doesn’t deserve all the hatred it’s garnered.


That being said, really don’t like how Jake irl and 博士’s morphed fighting style clash. Came out quite obviously in ‘Emperor Mavro’ just now. The writers tried to save it by having everyone comment on how weird Jake was fighting in that episode, but obv you can’t do that for every single episode.


Was just thinking how Power Rangers Dino Charge has sort of tried to subvert (?) colour character archetypes – at least with Koda and Riley. DC has been fun since it’s the first time there’s no Yellow, but instead Green + Black in the main team. I’d say that Riley and Koda go against how their colours usually behave: Greens are the goofy/smart ones (Bridge, Trip, Ziggy), and the Blues are the smart/logical ones (Billy, Tori). I mean, it’s not that every season follows that character trope, but DC does executes this rather well.

Would say that all the characters in DC are extremely lovable at the moment. Perhaps with the exception of Tyler, who’s a biiiit to Excited Puppy! for my liking, but that may just be because they’re trying to sync him with Daigo’s fighting personality, which is fair enough.


How can I get a job where all I do is just watch Power Rangers/Super Sentai and review episodes?

(Even then, I’d probably be severely underqualified since I’ve only actually finished 9/19 seasons of Power Rangers – most of which are Disney seasons, and not from the Saban era. #FakeFan)