Weekends are always great because they mean catching up with Dino Charge. For this week’s programming, we have Episode 11: Break Out, and Episode 12: Knight of All Knights.

1. Episode 11: Break Out

Dino Charge is truly a gift that keeps on giving: is a requirement for casting to be insanely good-looking? Sir Ivan and Prince Phillip join the ranks of being extremely #yes, as well as being extremely easy to ship together (because what goes together better than a prince and his knight!).

Koda is a gem in this episode, and his fight scenes are very on point, especially since he’s able to do most of the stunts as well. I really love how Yoshi has such distinctive poses for Koda.

2. Episode 12: Knight of All Knights


Possibly the most enjoyable episode of Dino Charge so far, Knight of All Knights is an example of humour done right – legitly laughed out loud while watching, and the Mum was very amused by how amused I was.

Wasn’t sure how Ivan was going to turn out, but this episode has proved that Ivan is going to be as amazing as the other Rangers. The bit with the ‘Knights of Amber Beach’ will forever live on as one of the best moments in Power Rangers cinematic history (even the cinematography of that sequence was pretty great, objectively speaking for a crappy little children’s show).

Really enjoyed the development of Shelby and Kendall’s relationship, and how it’s matured over the season (I’m guessing, a few months in the world of Dino Charge) so that Kendall’s no longer making snide remarks about Shelby, and they’re actually working together as equals – yay for character development!

And: yezzzzz watching the male Rangers scrambling around like terrified little bunnies is hilariously endearing. Ugh, can this cast get any better? Can’t wait to see how dynamics change when Prince Phillip is introduced, and when the other four Rangers -possibly Kendall – enter the fray.


The script-writers need to chill on the whole “hot-shot” thing – okay, we get it, Chase is brilliant with a gun (in more ways than one if you ask Riley, oh ho ho). It’s literally like it’s not a Dino Charge episode if they don’t call Chase a hot-shot at least once.


Koda’s battle quips are the best.


Saban, please keep everything at this standard. Don’t let things go back to the dark days of Samurai and Megaforce again.


On the bright side, my renewed obsession with Power Rangers/Super Sentai (which some may read as a defense mechanism to hide from reality) has also renewed my creative side – finally started on ‘Gwen Stacy’, even if it’d end up breaking my heart, and Orion is a treasure trove of Alien angst ready to be mined.