1. Created a separate Tumblr so that I can fangirl over Sentai/Power Rangers there instead of crowding up space here. For the 0 of y’all who are interested: http://tangerinetales.tumblr.com. My current obsession is シンケンジャー and the adorableness of which is Chiaki/Kotoha and the (insert relevant adjective here) of which is Takeru.

2. Everything’s slowly gearing up towards c – c – crunch time, and I’m left wondering how the heck is it already Week 9 (???).

3. If what Dot said was true (and I’m sure it is!), I guess it’s about time I left this guilt go.

4. The next thing in line to be exorcised is my anger – which is ironic, no?

5. Maybe I ship Chiaki/Kotoha because I identify with her a bit too much. :/